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In 2013, CDR Global Inc. introduced certified reporting for stakeholders. Four years later, in 2017, the client portal was added and gave stakeholders easier access to certified reporting on inbound and outbound inventory. For those new to our client portal, certified reporting is used to track devices the moment they enter the warehouse, through data destruction and processing, and when a device reaches our E-commerce department to be sold. The advantages of having certified reporting at CDR Global Inc. includes meeting auditor requirements set by agencies, the state, and federally, as well as meeting stakeholder questions and needs in the chain of custody process.



Certified reporting begins when a client reaches out for a pickup. After procuring the details of the pickup, we create a transfer of liability document for the shipment. Logistics then creates a Bill of Lading (BOL) to arrange the pickup from one of our trusted carriers. Of course, the same process is conducted for our white glove service pickups as well, with additional steps available here. Once the shipment arrives at CDR Global Inc.’s warehouse, pallets or boxes are weighed, and the amount is added to the client portal. This measurement also assists in helping us know how much has been processed for our environment report each quarter.

Status updates on the client portal inform clients and customers of device condition. Our triage department oversees sorting and tagging equipment with serial numbers which provide real time tracking in our client portal. The next step is to conduct CDD, or certified data destruction, for each data bearing device that has been tagged. All data bearing devices are verified for data destruction. Unverified devices are shredded to protect stakeholder information. Once verification has been received on a device, a CODD, or certificate of data destruction, is administered and present on the client portal for reference.



Customers and clients have access to a variety of areas and tabs on the client portal. Here, one can manage their profile, schedule orders and pickups, track orders in the system, check the status of receivables, access asset and data destruction reports, and filter searches for a variety of items in the system. Users on the client portal have access to redeployment items sent, received, refurbished, and listed in our resale inventory category. Contracts can be found on the client portal, as well.

As technology continues to advance, so will the future of certified reporting. Automation service, in the form of API integration, now manages inventory. Moving forward, that can be paired with razor to report faster, preventing clients from manually having to take inventory out of their system. This integration will allow CDR Global and client inventory systems to sync, allowing for automatic updates on both sides and easier reporting. For more information on the chain of custody, please visit our website HERE.

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