Logistics and Chain of Custody

Stewardship & Transparency

We provide true visibility for every asset that enters our facility. Each individual item is scanned, and the serial number is recorded as it moves step-by-step through the ITAD process.

We offer full transparency through our client portal, where you can run reports for various categories to see the processing status of your items.

CDR Global also provides a Certificate of Data Destruction as proof of data sanitization and asset disposition. These Certificates are available at the end of the ITAD Process.

Reporting & Certificates

CDR Global provides deeply detailed reporting to describe the type of service provided, an in-depth list cataloging each asset processed and a record of the procedures used on data bearing devices to ensure erasure. This report includes the Certificate of Data Destruction, signed by a CDR Data Destruction Specialist.

Standard reporting will always be available for download through our online client portal. A copy of the Certificate of Data Destruction will be made available upon completion.

Partner with CDR Global and see how your assets are managed, every step of the way.