Data Services

Data Protection Services

At CDR Global, the protection of your data is non-negotiable. When you entrust us with your used IT equipment for refurbishing or repurposing, you can be confident that your data is never at risk. We eradicate all data, applications, operating systems and identifying information from your machines before any re-marketing takes place; and if a hard drive can’t be securely erased, we destroy it.

Protecting Your Data is Our Highest Priority

Being vigilant about business data protection on your retired IT equipment is just as important as when it was in use. No organization can afford to leave traces of identifying or private information on their computers, servers or other machines when they leave their facility.

Our proven data protection services include the following:

  • Data destruction and cleansing
  • Hard drive destruction
  • Secure asset shipment

Data Destruction Services

No matter where your liquidated IT equipment is headed when it leaves your hands, you need absolute assurance that all traces of data or identifying information are permanently removed. Secure data destruction is imperative for IT asset disposition (ITAD).

CDR Global provides complete, secure data destruction on every storage and data-bearing device we handle. Our advanced software wipes your devices and drives, verifies the wipe and gathers configuration information about the devices without harming the drives themselves. We are also meticulous in removing any organization identifiers from the equipment.

Our experienced technicians destroy all data upon equipment startup. If the machine fails to power up, has a bad sector, or cannot be cleansed, they remove the hard disk and physically destroy it to ensure complete data destruction.

Depending on what you need, we can complete the data destruction on-site or at our facility. Regardless of location, you can be confident that the data cleansing will be performed to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Guidelines for media sanitization standards. All data destruction and hard drive sanitation procedures come with a free detailed report for your records, and we can also provide a signed Certificate of Data Destruction for each drive we cleanse. Depending on what you need, we can complete the data destruction on-site or at our facility.

Physical Hard Drive Destruction

When data cleansing isn’t possible, our secure and certified hard drive destruction services are the best solutions to protect your organization. We remove and destroy the hard drive to physically eliminate the data.

Hard Drive Shredding – We can demolish nonworking drives with our portable hard drive shredder that physically destroys hard drive platters and electronics. This process destroys the computer data along with the drive, depleting any value.

Once the hard drives are destroyed, we use industrial hardware shredders to recycle remaining metals and circuit board material. This ensures that all private, confidential information is gone for good.

Data Cleansing

  • DOD – A multiple-pass U.S. Department of Defense Specification. This method is the most comprehensive and leaves the drive in working condition to maximize resale value.
  • Solid State Hard Drive – A one-pass overwrite of the entire hard drive. In the case of a solid state drive, you can not perform a multiple pass data wipe without running the risk of damaging the drive, thus negating the resale value.

Let CDR Global take the risk out of your IT asset disposal.