CDR’s Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody

From pick up to transport, to warehouse to seller, each device is thoroughly monitored for security and peace of mind.

The Process

Our client portal provides a variety of categories for reporting, status tracking, and search parameters for all item specifics according to customer needs. All items are scanned, and serial numbers are used to track items progress through the ITAD process. Each device, once sorted, undergoes data eradication, or a hard drive wipe, before it can be assessed for repairs or being recycled. Data eradication ensures ITAD security, and, in the event of failure, hard drives are shredded to uphold CDR Global standards and give clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Security for Peace of Mind

Vulnerability. Theft. Security.

As a leader in ITAD security, CDR Global has established thorough security measures to protect data whether on the road or in the warehouse. GPS satellite monitoring of all company trucks, loading docks secured under lock and key, continuous contact with drivers via company-issued phones and a private security force that provides constant surveillance reinforces these measures and ensures your data is protected during pick up and transport.

Internal security is also implemented through intensive screening of potential employees. Background checks cover professional, educational and criminal histories. Each employee is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon hire, as well as a mobile device policy that prohibits phones in the warehouse. CDR Global vigilantly monitors employees following the hiring process and conducts additional tests as needed. Other internal security measures include private security, badge-controlled access, walk-through and/or wand metal detectors, security cameras with 24/7 surveillance, and central alarm systems connected to local fire and police stations.


At CDR Global, we promise to always provide clients with the highest level of service while operating with environmental responsibility.

A Certificate of Data Destruction is provided for each item as proof of data sanitization and asset disposition. Certificates are completed and available at the end of the ITAD process. All reporting is available for download on our online client portal.

Our experts at CDR Global are happy to assist our clients through every step of the process. Give us a call or send us a message to learn more about how we can help.


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