We know education.

Our expertise provides you with the most efficient and stress-free experience. Below are a few testimonials from our valued clients representing three different school districts across the country.

We are always searching for a wide variety of IT-related devices to purchase from schools. A few of these items include:

Apple Macbooks, iMacs, iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks and Windows-based products.

(If you have devices you would like to sell but aren’t sure if we will buy them, please feel free to contact us.)

CDR Global works with school districts across North America to put certified refurbished computer equipment in classrooms. Our refurbished electronic equipment undergoes an extensive quality control testing process to ensure that everything you receive from us is 100% ready for classroom use.

Our quality control testing process includes eradication of the following: all data, all applications, operating system and identifying information. As an added convenience, we can also remove the old equipment from the classroom and bring in the new refurbished equipment – making the transition as smooth as possible.

Our premium refurbished equipment includes:

  • Legitimately Licensed Operating Systems
  • Premium Brand Computers
  • 90-Day Hardware Warranty
  • Superior Customer Support and Service

If you are interested in turning your schools IT related products into financial value, we’d love to meet you.