On-Site Auditing Solutions

These solutions are for assets that are currently in service or are ready to be collected. Information such as make, model, serial number, and asset tags are collected and compiled into an organized list that can be used for inventory accuracy and management.

If the equipment is picked up by CDR Global at a later date, all of the information will be recaptured and then compared to the original list before the assets leave the location. A final comparison will be done once the equipment reaches CDR Global. Audits can be done on their own or before an equipment pick-up. 

Data Center Solutions 

Asset inventory: First we audit your equipment, creating an inventory list in the process. We then use that inventory list to ensure all equipment is present and ready to remove, and finally, we build audit reports before removing equipment.

Server Decommission and Removal: CDR will sanitize or physically destroy your drives, uninstall all assets, and then palletize everything for either pick-up, refurbishing, remarketing, or recycling.

Hardware Removal: We will remove any decommissioned network cables and locate routers, hubs, and switches.

On-Site Media Removal: This process involves degaussing or shredding all hard drive and solid-state drives, disabling or destroying all other equipment, and ensuring no client or employee information is recoverable.

Redeployment: CDR stores refurbished inventory in our secure facility until the equipment is requested and supplied from our inventory. We also expertly deliver and install all new equipment and supply data capturing services to transfer information to redeployed or moved equipment. 

Asset Removal and Logistics 

CDR Global experienced technicians will remove, pack, palletize, load, and transport equipment from your location to our secure warehouse. Data capturing and equipment auditing can be done at this time as well, while new equipment is brought in and installed. CDR's convenient client portal is available for clients to request pick-ups, provide lists of equipment to be removed, view assets as they are audited, and access important documents.

Data Sanitization and Media Destruction

Data erasure is provided both on-site and in CDR's secure facility. Data erasure processes ensure all data on drives and devices is irrecoverable. The erasure process also involves creating an audit report made up of each drive's serial number, make, model, and capacity size. CDR technicians try to sanitize drives while they are still installed, but if this is not possible, they will move the drives to a custom-created sanitization cabinet. Any drives that fail the sanitization process are physically shredded on-site or securely transported back to the CDR Global warehouse for recording and shredding. 




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