Survive the Recession with Refurbished Tech from CDR Global

On the heels of a global pandemic that affected supply and demand, alongside rising inflation rates and a looming recession, companies are undoubtedly becoming more selective about investing in new or used technology equipment. In fact, more companies are looking into upgrading their current infrastructure with refurbished products. According to the latest report from Gartner, PC shipments have declined nearly 20 percent in Q3 2022–the steepest decline in the past two decades. Despite today’s tough economic climate, CDR Global is committed to providing affordable solutions to ensure you get the most bang for your budget. 

Certified Refurbished Products 

In today’s market, purchasing refurbished technology equipment is much more cost-effective than purchasing brand new equipment. Our certified professionals revitalize our refurbished equipment with the upmost care and consideration. We’re here to make every step of the process seamless and hassle-free. To ensure quality, we first complete a 100-point inspection of all pre-owned equipment guaranteeing the hardware runs smoothly and efficiently for many years to come. Then, our experts send the refurbished equipment through another round of extensive and thorough testing before it leaves our facilities and arrives at your doorstep. Still wondering if refurbished equipment is the right solution for your company? Be sure to read our post on the pro’s and con’s of refurbished hardware 

Zero-Landfill Policy 

Environmental responsibility is fundamental to our mission at CDR Global and our commitment to our zero-landfill policy drives our every decision. Our top priority is extending the lifespan of your technology products while keeping devices out of the waste-stream. According to The RoundUp, it is calculated that more than 350 million metric tons of unrecycled e-waste currently live in landfills or are scattered across the planet in unsafe locations. With CDR Global on the job, you can trust that your discarded IT equipment is handled in an environmentally safe and secure manner. We’re the eco-friendly, economically sound IT asset recovery experts you can trust to repurpose, reuse and unlock the hidden value of your used IT hardware and equipment. Learn more about The CDR Difference. 

Solutions For All 

Our IT asset disposition procedure guarantees 24/7 security and transparency tracking at every stage of the process. We work with various manufacturers, device types and device volumes while ensuring and maintaining regulatory data security compliance. We also help our partners generate revenue from IT asset refreshes and upgrades 

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