CDR’s Secure Transport

The chain of custody begins with secure transport. All white glove services follow a systematic approach to security for data protection and peace of mind. From loading items onto the truck, to driving on the road and overnight stays, CDR Global Inc. is a leader in the ITAD disposition industry that promotes security and safety at all levels of the ITAD process.


Loading, packaging, and preparing items for transport can be stressful and time consuming for clients with an already-busy schedule. Our white glove service eliminates the hassle, allowing clients to focus on their daily operations without interruption, while our team strategically packages and loads items into our trucks for transport. Personnel are always in view of items, and the truck is securely locked with alarm systems engaged when a trek is involved with the loading process.


All trucks are secured with a unique alarm and locking system to differentiate it from other vehicles. The logistic manager conducts real-time communications with drivers and monitors trucks as they travel from location to warehouse. Our satellite program is a minute-by-minute tracking system that records each stop, drive times, locations (exact addresses), and rest times. The tracking system can be used in the U.S. and Canada through a map view to ensure safety of drivers and items in transit. Additionally, immediate roadside assistance is available to all our driver teams in the event of an emergency.


Many long-haul trips require a single or even multiple overnight stay(s), depending on the location in relation to our warehouse. Whenever an overnight stay cannot be avoided, drivers take extra precautions. Procedures for overnight stays include parking directly in front of the room, choosing specific hotels known for their security and accommodations for truck size, and notifying the logistics manager of the stop. Drivers are assisted by a driver helper, both of which have been trained for emergencies relating to roadside hazards. These include flat tires, equipment malfunction, firefighting equipment, or other emergencies—such as potential data breaches. Drivers and driver helpers never leave the truck unattended, ensuring data security in the chain of custody is upheld.


To enter Canada, personnel must follow all laws and regulations for entrance. This includes verifications of vaccination and having licensure to cross the border, as well as remaining with shipments through inspections and customs. Personnel use the same procedures in Canada as in the United States, following all guidelines for emergency situations.


CDR Global Inc. offers extra security options for peace of mind in the transport process. One of these is obtaining a certification of insurance prior to arrival at the client location if needed. All trucks are also equipped with a backup camera to prevent damage to site locations.

Don’t have a dock?

No problem! Our trucks are outfitted with lift gates for convenience and hassle-free service.

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