We’ll Come to You

In a mid-COVID world, we’ve all become a lot more aware about who’s offering curbside pickup, who requires masks, and who offers contactless service. It’s a part of our life that might never go back to the way it was.

CDR Global, however, has been offering to bring our services to you since the very early days of our operation. We still focus on re-use, and with a larger part of the population setting up work-from-home or remote-schooling settings, we have even more chances to make the re-use part of the equation valuable to our customers. Part of our business model is offering these ITAD services in a convenient, user-friendly manner, and no matter what part of the ITAD function works for you, our staff is ready to provide those services in a manner that’s always safe and effective.

Equipment pickup and de-installation

One of the simplest services we offer is pickup. Whether your equipment is being refurbished, recycled, or even destroyed, CDR Global can easily come by your facility and take it off your hands. If the hardware still has a useful life and you’d like to try to recapture that remaining value, our techs are trained and equipped to pack your pieces carefully so as to protect that value until they’re ready to sell.

Compliance and record-keeping is a priority that we understand, and our team is ready to provide you with complete inventories and all the documentation you need to satisfy your accountants, shareholders, or government agencies.

In many cases, data security is a concern, and it’s a part of our mandate that we never ignore. Any pieces that might contain sensitive data are secured, and we can provide all the necessary documentation to show a proper chain of custody.

In particular instances our technicians can also perform hardware de-installation. There are a number of variables at play to determine if we can perform a de-installation (COVID precautions being only one of those), but if this is a service you might need, it never hurts too ask!

Data destruction is a big part of what we do, and at our main facility we’re able to destroy equipment to ensure complete data security for our customers. We’re also able to provide on-site destruction as well. This ensures that our customers’ data never leaves their sight, and is immediately rendered unusable. For organizations who demand high levels of data security, this is an easy and effective way to meet their stringent standards. This is primarily accomplished by physically shredding the data storage device in question.

On-site Services

When we provide on-site destruction, we’ll bring a portable shredder (similar to the one shown here) and destroy the equipment, most commonly hard drives, right on your loading dock or in the parking lot. This provides a very clear chain of custody, as the pieces never leave the client’s property. To satisfy any compliance concerns, our techs are able to create detailed inventories showing the pieces in question, as well as certifications of the time and date that they were destroyed. Your data is thoroughly sanitized and irretrievable, so you don’t need to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

As with every other industry, COVID-19 is a concern that we take seriously. Social distancing is a practice that we observe at all times, and masks are just part of the way that we do business now. If you’ve got any questions or concerns about any of our services and how they’re performed in response to the pandemic, don’t ever hesitate to ask.

Protecting our clients has always been the focus of CDR Global, and while we started off protecting sensitive data, we’ve never stopped doing what we can to keep our customers safe.

If there’s anything that CDR Global can do to help protect your data or the value in your IT infrastructure, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We want to provide you with the solutions needed to get the job done.