Rethinking Your Printing

As an Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) firm, people tend to focus on how we deal with the “I” and “T” in that process. It’s true that a lot of the hardware we handle is what most people would consider to be data-heavy. Hard drives, servers, laptops, tablets, phones, and desktops come through our door by the thousands each year, but that’s far from all we handle.

Did you know we also get recurring visits from printers and photocopiers? Lots of them. So many, in fact, that we thought it might be a good idea to talk about your printing strategy.

Printers Drive People Crazy

Printing is a strange animal in any organization. A great deal of time and effort is usually spent creating networks with specific hardware to meet specific needs for your organization. Computers for the staff, servers for the network, cabling and routers and switches for the building are all carefully considered, sourced, and installed.

Then, the printers and copiers are installed as an afterthought. Maybe they’re shoved into closets or set on the corner of a desk, but it’s clear that they weren’t the most important part of the plan. You’d love to be paperless, but printed materials are still necessary, so you begrudgingly bought another printer.

Now you’re buying six different kinds of ink and randomly replacing different models of printers at irregular intervals during the year. If this sounds like you, don’t feel bad – this is a common scenario in businesses everywhere.

Next time, when you create your IT plan, think about implementing a cohesive printing strategy. This could be as simple as switching everyone over to the same make and model of printer to streamline supply purchasing.  You could even go big and invest in a managed print services provider.

Whatever you choose to do, wrapping your arms around the printing function in your organization can yield real benefits. Today, however, we want to talk about considering a managed printing service.

What Can a Managed Print Service Do for You?

A managed printing service is a firm that oversees all things printing-related. When you take advantage of their services, they’ll source, procure, and install the hardware that works best for you. They’ll monitor your system to make sure that all printing hardware is effective and efficient, and they’ll offer you the support you need to keep those printers humming. Among their services you can expect:

  • Comprehensive printing oversight – A managed printing services firm can create a plan to set up the printing capability you need, when and where you need it. They also have the ability to monitor your system to make sure that it’s as efficient and robust as possible.
  • Purchasing and installation – You’ll never have to rely on Best Buy staff recommendations or Amazon reviews ever again. You can also experience the benefit of having a team of pros install your hardware and connect it to your network.
  • Improved security – Many people don’t realize that wireless printers provide hackers with an open, unsecured door into your network. When you’re shopping for print service providers, make sure that they’re staying ahead of any possible security threats. Any good service provider will already have a plan to secure your printers.
  • Cost savings – Now you’re buying printers and printing supplies in bulk. No longer are you buying stuff that you won’t use for hardware that isn’t going to last. For many firms, these simple cost savings are enough to justify switching over to a managed print service.
  • Ongoing support – You’re not going to be listening to the hold-music on a tech support line, because you’ll have a quick point of contact for someone who’s got the answers that you need. A good service provider should be able to respond to support requests quickly so you can get back to work.

Considering the time and money spent chasing printing-related problems, it’s easy to see why controlling your printing functions yields real benefits. As the life cycle of your printers wind down, CDR Global can help you recover the value of that aging hardware to offset the cost of essential upgrades.

As you’re working through your own printing plan or starting to shop around for a managed printing services provider, keep us in the loop and we’ll help you make the changes that can drive valuable dollars to your bottom line.


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