Defining Your ITAD Goals

Maybe you’ve got a box of old keyboards in a closet, or maybe you’ve commandeered an empty office that you’ve crammed full of desktop computers, dot-matrix printers, and semi-functional monitors. You know that this stuff needs to go, and the dumpster isn’t your first choice, but how do you take that next step? Just like any choice, you need to first determine your goals. Here are some questions to ask yourself while you’re trying to choose the right ITAD path for your organization.

Do you have a lot, or just a little?

Are you trying to make the most of a few old laptops, or did you just upgrade an entire server farm? You’ll want a professional to help you making the most of this unused hardware, but first you have to get it to them. The logistics of delivering your equipment into the hands of an ITAD firm can have a significant effect on the bottom-line results of the process. If you can ship it or even deliver the hardware yourself, it’s much cheaper than having a dedicated truck. But if you have a significant amount of equipment, or if you are along the ITAD company’s pickup route, having them bring a tractor trailer to you might be the easier way to make the hand-off.

Do you need this process done quickly, or is your schedule a bit more flexible?

Some people are concerned about the amount of effort or time that it will take to deal with all this old hardware once and for all. Here’s the good news: For you, the process will be quick and easy – for you, anyway. Once you turn it over to the ITAD vendor of your choice, they should do all the work. Their part of the process may take a few weeks or even a month or so, but once the equipment leaves your operation, your part of the work is finished, and that’s just one of the benefits of partnering with a solid ITAD firm.

Are you hoping to get some cash back?

First off, if you’re not getting some sort of value out of your old hardware, you’re just plain doing it wrong. There are all sorts of value to be had, from sales to donation value as a tax write-off. There are multiple ways to realize the value of even the most obsolete pieces. Making money by selling hardware, if possible, can take some time, but any reputable ITAD firm will be able to let you know up front what you can expect in the form of return and about how long it will take.

How do you feel about data security, and is there anything sensitive on this hardware?

Unless all you’re clearing out is a bunch of old cables and keyboards, this hardware will most likely have some form of data stored on it. Do you operate the kind of business that needs to be certain that all your data is sanitized  or destroyed? Your overall level of data security will play a large part in determining the services that you’ll need from an ITAD professional. Any company worth their salt will want to be very specific about understanding your security needs. If you talk to a vendor that doesn’t seem too concerned about security, keep on shopping. They should be industry-certified and able to provide you with audits and all the necessary certificates of hardware, data sanitization  as well as indemnifying you or your organization from all liability.

Is this just a one-time house-cleaning, or do you regularly get rid of unused hardware?

We know that you’ve got some stuff that you want to get rid of today, but what does the future look like? Are you continually replacing old hardware, or does your operation only go through periodic cycles of upgrading your equipment? Will this clean-out be a one-time thing, or do you want to make this a regular part of your IT process? Knowing what the future holds can help your ITAD vendor customize a plan that better fits your specific situation. Every situation is specific, but depending on the timing and volume of hardware you’re replacing, having an ongoing relationship with an ITAD vendor can help you recover more dollars in the long run.

When it comes to the handling of unused tech hardware, everyone’s situation is different. Not only is each company different, but your IT system and corporate needs can change from day to day. Partnering with CDR Global can let you enjoy a smooth, streamlined process that delivers maximum financial return with minimal hassle. Talk to one of our sales reps today  and we can easily formulate a plan that enhances your IT, revenue, and compliance functions.


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