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How green is your data?

Not many people realize exactly how much they can limit their environmental footprint when it comes to their data center operations. If you examine the life-cycle of your hardware, you’ll find a number of points where you can take steps that can help you maximize every dollar that you spend toward your data services while also helping to reduce your overall resource consumption.

Here are a few methods that almost any business can incorporate for greener data.

Get the most of your current hardware

Before you throw more money at new hardware, is there anything that you can do to maximize the pieces on your balance sheet that you’ve already paid to install? Take a look at different methods for optimizing your storage capacity or adding AI-driven applications to help increase the effectiveness of your current hardware.

Create a re-use plan early and use it often

When organizations that don’t have a reuse strategy in place deal with old hardware, they usually wait until it piles up and then they treat it like hand-me-down clothes as they force semi-obsolete equipment upon unwilling members of their team. When you have a proper re-use strategy, you’ll always know where your hardware is going, even while it’s still brand new. This lets you get the most bang for your data-buck while reducing costs as the devices age. This can mean breaking down devices to reuse key components, transitioning older pieces to backup or redundant systems, or even distributing obsolete hardware and devices to educational institutions or non-profits.

Embrace certified refurbished devices

Don’t think of factory-refurbished hardware as being in the same class as thrift-store clothes or used cars. In the current market, these units are cleaned and maintained by their original manufacturers who, just like you, are looking to maximize every part of their revenue stream. Not only is this a great way to keep costs down, it also means that less new hardware is being produced, and that’s a clearly green-minded choice.

Make your repair process into a system

You’ve got a lot on your plate, and it’s not uncommon to put decisions about hardware repair into the “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” pile. That approach is understandable, but take a cue from the big guys like Google and get a plan in place before it’s ever needed. Designate the pieces that can be repaired in-house. For everything else, you’ll want to find a repair contractor who’s able to get you the services you need relative to your budget and schedule. This gives your staff a predictable process for handling non-functioning items, and it lets you leverage your vendor contracts to ensure that you’re never over a barrel when it’s time to fix core elements in your data system.

Reuse all of what  you can

Recycling hardware is a subject that we’ve touched on before, but it’s always good to take another look. This is probably not a function that you can fully take on yourself, but when it’s done properly, obsolete hardware and devices can have a full, second life. Specific components can be removed and  reused, like drives, processors, and various switches.

Get a solid ITAD vendor

At the end of the hardware life cycle is your ITAD (Information Technology Asset Destruction) vendor. Choose your ITAD vendor carefully, because they’ll be able to help you navigate the maze of options for obsolete equipment with your goals and constraints in mind.

Don’t let your hardware go quietly into the night, especially when CDR Global can help you make the disposal, re-use, or recycling decisions that align with your data needs and strategic goals. We’ve been through every part of this circular economy, and our engineers and specialists are more than ready to customize a plan that protects your data, preserves your resources, and keeps your operation running smoothly.


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