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computer recycling F.A.Q

CDR Global is committed to secure, efficient, effective data destruction and IT equipment refurbishment and recycling. We serve companies all over the nation, and we pride ourselves on our unique customer service experience. We cater our business to your business’s needs. Before you hire us to do your IT asset disposition, you may have a few questions.

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Computer Dealers and Recyclers

After working many years in corporate IT asset disposition, Damian Rodriguez and Robert Brown began to evaluate how they could improve the industry. At the time, many companies had to pay for recycling companies to come remove their old IT hardware. However, these recycling companies didn’t wipe the data off all devices, at least not permanently. Robert and Damian came up with a solution: they created a process where business would not only earn money for recycling their IT assets, but also have extremely secure data destruction as a part of the process. So in January of 2003, they partnered up to start CDR Global.

In the event the equipment cannot be refurbished, we wipe or destroy data from your IT assets and then separate the assets by material. Each material is then sent to a specific recycling company for each metal, plastic, batteries, etc. We only send recyclable material to R2 certified companies to ensure that we have a low impact on the environment.

Because our Oklahoma City warehouse is in a central location, we can service virtually any company in the United States. We have clients from New York to California.

No matter where you are in the states, we will either send one of our packaging specialists out to pack all of your IT assets, or we will send you all the packing material you need. We take these extra steps to ensure that your equipment is shipped safely, so you can earn the most from your assets. Not only do we offer personal pick up, but we can do on-site data destruction as well.

  • CDR Global is certified for data security, asset management, and eco-friendly IT recycling with the ability to shred your hard drives at our facility or at your location with our mobile shredder.
  • Many companies who claim to be “recycling companies” don’t have data destruction experience or certifications to guarantee your company’s security.
  • CDR Global maintains Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance to include coverage for professional liability (Errors and Omissions), bodily injury, property damage, pollutant releases, accidents, other emergencies, and most importantly data breach.
  • We are committed to customer service and satisfaction – everything we do is centered around your company’s security and confidence.

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional, but the top 4 are:

  1. We offer the highest data security and destruction standards
  2. Many IT professionals are not experienced in mass amounts of data destruction/recycling
  3. Decommissioning an entire company’s assets takes a lot of time away from your IT department
  4. Many companies who claim to be “recycling companies” don’t have data destruction experience or certifications to guarantee your company’s security.

We service businesses in any field, especially ones with highly sensitive data – financial, medical, insurance, corporate, schools & hospitals are just a few examples.

We uphold the highest standards of security in all aspects of our business. Our buildings have 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring. Also, all employees and visitors to our facilities have limited access to equipment areas. As for data destruction and DOD wiping, we comply with DOD standards, and will go above and beyond to make sure your assets are accounted for. R2 Recycling Certification and HIPAA compliance are also testaments to our high standards.

We encourage all of our clients to come out for an on-site visit. We would love to show you around!

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