About CDR Global

We Are Leaders

To be a leader in the electronics reuse industry by offering the highest level of services, while benefiting the environment, our clients, employees, and the community.

With integrity, self-discipline, and teamwork, we ensure that our decisions and processes provide a solid and fair return on investment. 

With professionalism and work ethic as our foundation, we provide quality refurbished products and turnkey solutions to those we serve.

CDR Global - Computer
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We are a national IT asset reuse and recovery company that securely destroys data and, through refurbishment and remarketing, strategically recovers the hidden value of your surplus technology investment. As a national computer repurposing source, CDR Global offers top notch services across the country.

Co-owners Robert Brown and Damian Rodriguez established CDR Global in 2003, and have since built it into a prominent company within the field of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). Founded in Oklahoma City, CDR Global has grown to service North American businesses and is a full-service ITAD provider of quality and repute.

CDR Global offers a broad range of end-of-life hardware solutions including secure and verified data destruction, repair and refurbishment of marketable equipment, and environmentally responsible IT equipment recycling. With a R2 “Responsible Recycling” certification, you can breathe easy as CDR Global works to make the entire ITAD process as expedient and effortless as possible.

Our Core Values


undiminished adherence to moral, ethical principles and values.


Regulation and training of oneself, usually for the sake of improvement.

Work Ethic

A belief in the moral benefit of work and determination for strengthening one’s character


Cooperative or coordinated effort of a group acting together in the interests of a common cause


The attributes of competency, respectability, and dedication that mark a professional person or business

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