Hard Drive Destruction Services & HD Shredding

Trusted hard drive destruction service

When it’s time for IT asset recovery or liquidation, your first priority is to identify  asset tags and then permanently remove any remaining data, applications, operating systems. If a storage or data-bearing device can’t be wiped clean, our hard drive destruction service is the only solution.  CDR Global offers multiple computer hard drive destruction services.

When data cleansing isn’t possible, we remove and destroy the hard drive to physically eliminate the data. We can perform hard drive destruction at your site through magnetic degaussing or portable hard drive shredding using a state of the art hard drive shredder.

Hard Drive Destruction ServiceMagnetic degaussing destroys magnetic domains, heads and components on non-working drives. This secure hard drive destruction method ruins the drive and depletes its value.

We can also demolish nonworking drives through our hard drive shredding service. We use a portable hard drive shredder that physically destroys hard drive platters and electronics. This process destroys the computer data along with the drive, depleting any value.

CDR Global’s hard drive destruction services are also offered at our facilities

hard drive shredderOnce the hard drives are destroyed, we use industrial hardware shredders to recycle remaining metals and circuit board material. This ensures that all private, confidential information is gone for good – while doing what’s good for the environment.

We furnish a signed certificate of data destruction for every hard drive we shred and destroy. Our secure, certified hard drive destruction services protect your organization from the risks of hidden data on liquidated IT equipment. Contact CDR Global for more details.