Secure Data Destruction Services

Certified Data Destruction

Secure data destruction services for private and confidential information is imperative for IT asset disposition (ITAD). Whether Data Destruction Servicesyour liquidated IT assets will be re-marketed or recycled, you need absolute assurance that all traces of data or identifying information are permanently removed. Trust CDR Global for complete, secure data destruction on every storage and data-bearing device we assume. Depending on your specific requirements or environment, we can provide on-site data destruction services or provide secure transportation to our facility for data destruction there.

Regardless of location, you can be confident that data cleansing will be performed to NIST media sanitization standards, up to multi-pass wipes that adhere to Department of Defense specifications. Further, we can provide a signed certificate of data destruction for every drive we cleanse.

Documented, secure data destruction services offer essential protection  

secure hard drive data deletion CDR Global’s advanced data destruction software wipes your devices and drives, verifies the wipe, and gathers configuration information about devices without harming the drives themselves. We are also meticulous in removing any organization identifiers, such as asset tags, from equipment, hard drives and other storage devices.

Our experienced technicians destroy all data upon equipment startup. If the machine fails to power up, has a bad sector, or cannot be cleansed, they remove the hard disk and physically destroy it to ensure complete data destruction.

Data destruction standards

CDR Global offers multiple methods of data destruction to suit your specific needs. These range from a multiple-pass approach that meets U.S. Department of Defense specifications to a complete physical destruction of the data capturing device(s).

  • DOD – Multiple-pass U.S. Department of Defense Specification. This method is the most comprehensive of all the methods, and leaves the drive in working condition to maximize resale value.
  • Solid State Hard Drive – A one-pass overwrite of the entire hard drive. In the case of a solid state drive you can not perform a multiple pass data wipe without running the risk of damaging the drive thus negating the resale value.
  • Alternative Option 1 – Magnetic Degauss destruction of magnetic domains, heads and components on non-working hard drives. This method essentially destroys the hard drive and depletes all value.
  • Alternative Option 2 – Physical destruction of hard drive platters and electronics on non-working hard drives. This method completely destroys the hard drive and depletes all value.

Trust proven leaders in secure data destruction

Count on CDR Global for expert, secure and certified data destruction services. Be confident that your data is erased and eliminated before your IT assets are prepared for resale or recycling.  Call us today!  405-749-7989 or (888) 200-4731