refurbished computers for corporate

CDR Global provides businesses across North America with premium certified refurbished computer equipment. Our refurbished electronic equipment undergoes an extensive data removal process to ensure that the equipment you receive from us is 100% ready for use. Our data removal process includes eradication of the following: all data, all applications, operating system and identifying information.

As an added convenience, we can also painlessly remove old equipment and easily bring in the new refurbished equipment making the transition as smooth as possible.

While it is very rare for a problem to arise with any of our refurbished equipment, we are happy to offer our customers a 30-day warranty.

Our premium refurbished equipment includes:

  • TIPS/TAPS Approved Vendor
  • Premium brand computers
  • 30-day hardware warranty
  • Superior customer support and service
  • Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, which allows us to load quality legally licensed operating systems onto your equipment
  • With purchases of 1000+ computers, we give away 1-2 additional systems so if you ever have an issue with one of our computers, you can quickly swap a new unit into service and save the warranty concern for later.
  • Warranty issues are not a concern with cross shipping; if you feel a warranty part isn’t working, let us know. You’ll receive a replacement computer right away. **something a competitor offers