Computer Recycling for IT Equipment

Your best source for certified computer equipment recycling and IT disposal

Environmental responsibility is fundamental to the mission of CDR Global. We are not simply in the business of recycling computers and IT hardware for enterprises and organizations. We are leaders in computer recycling and secure IT disposal whose commitment to environmental stewardship drives every aspect of our operations.

As a trusted source for computer recycling, we ensure that all of our clients’ discarded IT equipment is disposed of in an environmentally safe, secure manner. However, that’s only after making every effort to save items for resale and reuse. In fact, CDR Global has established a zero-landfill policy – our ultimate objective for IT recycling.

A “green” commitment that goes beyond compliance

As proof of our commitment, CDR Global has attained the Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices certification. This voluntary standard far exceeds requirements for regulatory and legal compliance. As the most comprehensive standard available for electronics recycling, it guides all of our practices relative to end-of-life IT asset disposition management and computer equipment recycling.

The standard also ensures that our services align with your environmental priorities. We know that safety and CDR IT Disposal Servicesaccountability are paramount in secure computer recycling. You can be confident that we recycle any residual equipment or scrap that has no resale value as safely and responsibly as possible. CDR’s IT disposal practices help to ensure a greener tomorrow.

CDR Global’s audited and certified computer recycling process provides added environmental security for non-marketable IT equipment items. We track all assets to complete material recovery. As a certified responsible recovery company, we maintain a laser-like focus on meeting all environmental, ethical and legal obligations. With ready access to EPA-registered recyclers and R2-certified recycling companies, we avoid even the remotest possibility of disposal liability resulting from IT disposal services.

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