Business Data Protection Services


Assured business data protection for surplus IT equipment

You have to be as vigilant about business data protection when your IT equipment is retired as when it’s in use. No organization can afford the consequences if even traces of identifying or Business Data Protection Servicesprivate information remain when their computers, servers, storage devices or other machines leave their facility.

At CDR Global, proprietary and business data protection is non-negotiable. When you entrust us with your used IT or (ITAD) equipment to be refurbished or  recycled, you can be confident that your data is never at risk. We eradicate all data, applications, operating systems and identifying information from your machines before they are re-marketed or recycled. And, if a hard drive can’t be securely erased, we destroy it at your site or at our location.

Our proven data protection services include the following:

Gain peace of mind – plus more for your IT assets

Rely on CDR Global’s business data protection services to take the risk out of end-of-life IT asset disposal. Contact us today to secure the data on your retired assets while you free up needed space!